Thursday, March 1, 2007


This site is getting off to a nice little start. I'm so excited for all the recipes and can't wait to try them! I know some of you think you don't have any recipes to share, so I thought this little place for requests might be nice. Go ahead and comment with a specific recipe you would like posted by one of our 'chefs'. I'll start:

Stef's cheesecake
Lisa's stromboli
Matt's beef dip and chicken enchiladas
Mel's Pasta Melissa & San Francisco Melts & malaskas
Mom's enchiladas and tortilla soup
CJ's broccoli cheese soup

The rest of you: I'm not familiar with any of your specific recipes, but I know you have more to share!

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Farm Girl said...

We love pasta and I'm looking for some new ideas for homemade marinara and alfredo sauces. I would also love to see Mandy post her famous beef brisket recipe.