Monday, March 5, 2007

Request: Homemade Alfredo and Marinara Sauces

Just looking for some great homemade options for Alfredo and Marinara sauces. I usually have scads of tomatoes, peppers and onions in the garden during the summer and thought it would be fun to find some marinara recipes that use fresh ingredients. My stepson is also a huge Alfredo sauce fan and I'm bored with my current recipe. Any ideas???

I'm loving all the recipes coming in. I've tried three of them already and my family is really enjoying the variety! Thank you!


mel said...

Those viewing this post who live in Utah....just visit Nicolitalia (little Italian restaurant by 24 Hour Fitness in Provo)they have the best marinara I've ever had....their alfredo is quite tasty as well!! Their prices are very reasonable. Also, I belive in buying local!!

Farm Girl said...

Sounds good, I'll try it when I come that direction!