Tuesday, March 13, 2007

K3 Burritos

This is so easy it's barely even a recipe. When I lived in Kensington #3 (hence K3) my friend Cameron came over one Sunday with a bag full of groceries and proceeded to make me dinner. For how easy it is, it is delish!

1 box Zataran's Spanish Rice & 1 can diced tomatoes prepared according to box
1 can refried beans, warmed in microwave or heated on stove
diced tomatoes
ranch dressing
whole wheat tortillas (these taste the best!)

Basically, make the rice and beans and then put as much or as little of everything you want wrapped in a tortilla. I also like to put corn and avocado in them. The ranch dressing and Spanish rice are so good together. If you're in Provo, the Reduced Fat Ranch from the BYU Creamery is the best. And, of course, warming the tortilla makes it even better.

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mel said...

I do love a college recipe that is cheap as well as delish!! I do love these and think Meggie needs to make them for me after yoga sometime (hint, hint)