Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Thanks to Megan for the new header! I just love the cupcakes! Jen mentioned that she wanted a button for her sidebar, so I asked Megan to make it happen. Once again, she came through for us!

**If any of you would like to add this to your sidebar, just go to your blog layout and add a picture. Use this URL for the picture {http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_TfSU03u2rNk/SOvbPbGCThI/AAAAAAAAAto/PDTTAjiglag/s200/lugub+button+2.png} and this URL as the link {http://recipestop.blogspot.com}.


undefined said...

How much do we love Megan? She's just too fabulous for words. I also love the new header/button.

Heather said...

Layout looks great Megan! And I will add the button to my HFPE Blog the Beautiful Basics.