Thursday, February 22, 2007


You know when you know you have that recipe somewhere but can't seem to find it and end up calling your mom every time you want to make it for dinner that night? Or when you try a recipe that sounds good, but hasn't been recommended by someone and it turns out less-than-stellar? Or when you're sick of everything you normally make and want to steal a friend's favorite recipe? This is my attempt to end the frantic phone calls and the all-too-familiar frustration of spending time, money and effort on a failed dish.

I'd like to take advantage of the new blogger's labels feature. When you submit a recipe, please apply as many appropriate labels as possible -- chicken, dinner, dessert, soup, etc. -- and your name. That should make it easy to browse by categories. Any other admin ideas, let me know.

**If anyone stumbles upon this blog and wants to be added to the contributors, send an email to and I'll get you added.**

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